Friday, December 22, 2006

Registration is now open!

Visit and follow the RLC link to register.

Remember, there is no registration fee for the 2007 conference. However, it is critical that you complete and return a registration form. Critical if you want to eat and have a chair to sit on, that is!

Merry Christmas, everyone! When I next post, we will be (gulp) in the conference year... four months and counting!


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to go to Lake Neverwuz

Top 10 reasons to support libraries: When I saw this post on the blog I decided to compare the reasons to our beloved Lake Neverwuz District, County, Township, Village Library. Here goes:
Serve everyone: Our new international library card is very popular. For 100 lyre, 10,000 francs, or160 yen you can purchase a library card from Lake Neverwuz. So far we only sold 3 cards but Canada is only 175 miles away and is certainly an untapped market.
Are places of opportunity. We've had fourteen couples meet here at the library and get married. Last year our story hour attendance took a major jump.
Are great places for kids. This is farm country so don't call our youngsters kids, for obvious reasons. Our library offers youngsters a vast array of services, YouTube, DVD's, CD's, Learn a Test,, Tattoo World, Pimp your Ride, and comic books, day care, snowmobiles in the winter and special lake excursions in the summer.
Bring you the world. Our Commodores and Apple II e's in the computer lab give our users access to info as far away as Wisconsin.
Help us lead better lives. Our community has grown and people have told us that they moved here because of the library and the great services we offer. Our quickie divorce and remarry program has brought many a midwesterner here instead of Reno and Las Vegas. Our board chair dresses as Garrison Keilor and performs as many marriages as Elvis does in Nevada.
Build better communities. Our build a house program uses the skills of our Friends group to build houses for the needy and near needy of our community. We think this is a model program and are thinking of going national, maybe through ALA.
Promote literacy. Here's where we excell. We an't never turnd away nobody. Our goal is to educate everone so dat they can read good.
Are essential to education. When the schools close for the summer we have all the teachers come and work at the summer reading program. Its part of their contract.
Attract businesses. We've helped Neverwuz Ink (tatto parlor) get started. We helped the DDA get sidewalks into the downtown area so we no longer have to walk on pallets to get to stores downtown. This has helped business, and the old pallets will be used for a craft during the summer reading program.
Are a great value. For every dollar spent to support the library we have calculated that it adds $17.32 back into the economy of the community. How we did this calculation is a mystery, but I'm sure its accurate.

Spread the word! Tell us your stories at the upcoming Rural Libraries Conference in May of 2007. Happy Holidays.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Small is Powerful

Check out this toolkit from ALA - Winning Support for Your Rural Library. Topics include strategy, message, and tools.

Imagine what would happen if each of us said at least one of the things on this list to at least one person every day? Talk about word of mouth marketing!

10 reasons to support libraries

Libraries. . .

Serve everyone.
Are places of opportunity.
Are great places for kids.
Bring you the world.
Help us lead better lives.
Build better communities.
Promote literacy.
Are essential to education.
Attract businesses.
Are a great value.

Spread the word!

Monday, December 11, 2006

We Need more Librarians!!

I am hoping that the rural conference scheduled for next spring will have sessions on PR and also on the topic of the impending shortage of librarians. The staff at Lake Neverwuz District, Village, Township, County Public Library have developed a recruiting film which I believe every library should use to entice people to become librarians. Check out this site and see what can be done with an 8 mm camera and a little acting talent.

See you all at the Rural Librarians Conference, where the librarians are smart, the book talks center on the books of the 50's and noise is okay, as long as we don't use our "outside voices"

Happy Holidays.

2.0 new tools from ALA & one from Deb

The ALA Library announced December 5 the launch of two new web tools to aid ALA members, librarians, and library workers in accessing professional information online. The Librarian's E-Library uses tools from Google Co-Op to create a customized search engine. The ALA Professional Tips wiki provides a pathfinder to using the rich resources of ALA's website, compiles the library's responses to questions received from the field, and enables the library community to share new resources for advancing the practice of librarianship....

Any knitting librarians out there? Check out my experiment with Google Co-op at

Quick! Respond with your story by this Friday, 12/15

Share your public access stories

The MaintainIT project, a three-year effort run by TechSoup, a technology resource for nonprofit organizations, wants to hear stories about how libraries maintain public access computers and internet services for their communities. By collecting best practices on the topic, the Share Your Story about PACs campaign will distill the information into a series of free how-to guides tailored to the technical support needs of different types of public libraries. MaintainIT would like to hear from small, rural libraries by December 15....

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Great programs!!

Wow is all I can say about the list of speakers that Deb posted for next year's Rural Libraries Conference. I have been a fan of Maureen Burns for years. She helped me when I first met her at the Michigan Library Association conference several years ago. What a dynamic speaker and yet someone you can relate to and one you with who you can share fashion tips. I used to be shy and retiring, always wearing navy or black clothes. After hearing Maureen I am a changed person, I wear three inch heels like Deb Ziegler, outfits with bling and have sponsored weekly karoake at the Lake Neverwuz library. By the way, when you get to the conference check out Deb's shoes. She has found a supplier in China who has changed her whole shoe wardrobe. I would say that the last shoes I saw her wear could be considered "High Heeled Sneakers". What's happening to our Deb??

I can't wait for the conference, I hope you have it marked on your calendar. Remember that the Gates Foundation, you all remember Billy, is helping to fund the conference so all you have to budget for is your hotel and transportation. What a deal! See you in May.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Exciting news....keynote speakers!!

I am thrilled to announce that we will enjoy the following keynote speakers at RLC 2007:

Jenny Levine & Michael Stephens

Jenny and Michael are leaders in the library 2.0 world. Jenny blogs at The Shifted Librarian and Michael's blog is Tame the Web. Michael is particularly excited to join us as he spends the better part of his summers at his cottage near TC.

Maureen Burns

Our own ever-popular Maureen will join us on Monday evening for an inspirational and funny take on our lives in libraryland.

Jo Dereske

Jo writes the Miss Zukas mystery series and is originally from Scottville, MI. Her other books include the Ruby Crane mystery series and several books for young people. After her keynote, Jo will do a book signing.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Rural library branches

I am anxious to attend the Rural Libraries Conference this spring. With the Gates grant it will be even more affordable than in the past and so I am looking at how many staff and board members will be able to also attend this year. We have a new project at Lake Neverwuz Public Library that involves expansion. One of our businesses, Carolyn's Cozy Cabins is going out of business after 57 years and is planning to donate to the library 12 one bedroom cabins. Our board has been discussing this for a long time. Each cabin is 9ft by 9ft and we thought we could have 11 branches of the Lake Neverwuz library. Since they have to be moved to allow for the new Dollar Store, we thought we could have them place every 100 feet and put the 000's in one cabin, the 100's in another cabin and so forth. The 12th cabin could be used by the Friends. The cabins all look alike and were newly painted last year a lovely shade of mauve and orange with yellow doors as accents. I'm curious if you think this project will work. Is this something I should bring to conference and get reactions there from some of the experts. Is 13 locations too many for a service area that is a half mile square and serves a population of 723?

Monday, November 13, 2006

More on 2.0

By now you have all figured out that I have had my share of the 2.0 Kool Aid. I sincerely believe that libraries have everything to gain from 2.0 attitudes, approaches, and applications.

You will learn much about 2.0 at the conference. In the meantime, read what Michael Stephens has to say about getting started with 2.0:


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dancing with the Stars

I am so excited about our newest program here at Lake Neverwuz Public Library. Recently, Julie's Parisian Dance School had a record number of dance students, 7 to be exact. They came to us with an idea to have a dance contest at the library and to have some local "stars" work with their students. It was my idea to call it "Dancing with the Stars" so my staff worked quickly to get our "Stars". Here is the roster and the dances that they will do for the competition which will be held at the library in the Winnebago Ballroom on the newly renovated second level. Cooperative Director Jim Seidl will work with Mindy Gates and do the Techno Tango; Ann Holt and Brad Pitty with do the Capital Salsa; Deb Bacon-Ziegler along with Red Lion will do the Knit/Pearl/Knit Waltz plus Roger and June Mendel will do Jive. Contact me if you would like details on how we put this together. Our Friends Group, along with Ruth Dukelow and Ken Miller will be sewing the costumes for our dancers. For other ideas about good programming for rural and small libraries attend next year's Loleta Fyan Small and Rural Libraries Conference at the Grand Traverse Resort. Remember your registration and meals are taken care of by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You need to budget for travel and hotel accommodations. See you May 7-9, 2007 and bring your dancing shoes.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishing for comments

Hi All,

Marian emailed me yesterday. She is totally bummed that nobody is commenting on her posts. Given her recent self-indulgent rant thoughtful commentary on conference awards, I urge you to give it right back to let Marian know that you are reading her posts by offering a comment.

It is really very easy. Just click on the orange comment link at the end of the post, add your comment, enter the verification text so we know you aren't an evil robot, and click "login and publish" - that's it!

Heck, you might even invite her to a movie this Saturday night!


Grand Traverse Resort room rates

Reservation information will be available soon. For now, get these numbers in your 2007 travel budget:

Tower guestroom $129.00/night
Hotel guestroom $99.00/night

EXCITING NEWS - Attendees are responsible for travel & accommodations ONLY for 2007. Grant funding from the Gates Foundation allows us to cover the conference registration fee by subsidizing attendee meals and some facility expenses.


Pat Yourselves On The Back

Soon the Rural Libraries Committee will be seeking nominations for awards to be given at the Conference. This is a good time to honor those rural library people who do such a great job providing service to their communities with many times very little in the way of resources. Nominate someone from your library or maybe from another library in your cooperative. I,for example, have had some fantastic programs and services at Lake Neverwuz and no one has nominated me for an award. I thought my Pontoon bookmobile service, or the All Terrain vehicle homebound delivery service, or my Winnebago children's room addition to the library would have rated an award, but no, but I'm not BITTER. It doesn't matter to me if I'm overlooked, year after year after year ever since 1986. All that matters is that my patrons are receiving good service. No matter that I work overtime and get no additional pay and don't get as much as a daisy as an expression of thanks. It's not a problem, give the awards to others certainly more deserving, it doesn't bother me, who scrubs the library floor each Saturday evening rather than going to the movies, alone. Take care, remember, nominate someone this time, it may be the one thing in their lives that will give them hope to go on.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Programs, Programs, Programs.

At every rural conference there is an opportunity to share ideas with your colleagues. Please come prepared to let others see the great things you are doing. Rural librarians are some of the most inventive program people I know. So don't be shy, bring your bookmarks, posters, scrapbooks and news articles and promote the programs you have hosted at your libraries since the last rural conference. I know I am going to bring a display about our annual Halloween parade and pumpkin roast. This is a time for all of our staff and board to dress as their favorite library personality and parade down Main Street. Last year the winners were dressed as Legal Beagle, Lance Werner; Rub-a-Dub, Three Co-op Directors in a Tub (Mendel, Seidl and Dees); Nancy, State Librarian, Robertson and of course first place went to Mel (the) Cat. This year maybe Melvil Dewey will appear dressed as Virtual Co-op Director. Enjoy the Holidays and remember to keep some bookmarks for distribution at the next Rural Libraries Conference.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Project Runway or what to wear to the Rural Conference

I've been asked what to wear to the conference. Since I've attended each one I have a good idea of what to pack. The conference is two and half days, so I multiply by 5 when I pack. You can't bring along too much. Pack for every season, since this is northern Michigan. You'll need parkas, swimsuits (both winter and summer weight), something long, something short and of course plaid flannel for the casual evenings around the bonfire. Some conferences in the past have had at least three seasons during the time period so be prepared.

I usually plan a change of clothes for each session, but since my husband carries the luggage and is getting old I have decided this time to only change clothes in the a.m., p.m., and evening.

Seriously, though, dress comfortable, with good walking shoes and layer. Sometimes the rooms get too warm and if you layer you can make yourself comfortable and not include on your evaluation form that the room was too cold or too hot. Happy packing.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

RLC History

Here's a bit of history regarding the Rural Libraries Conference. The first conference, which was held at Hidden Valley in Gaylord was organized by the Northland Library Cooperative and was an idea of Sue Williams, Assistant Director of Northland. Sue organized the first conference and included Library of Michigan and MLA as co-sponsors. The two and a half day event brought just under 200 library staff and trustees from rural Michigan to Gaylord. Funding for the event came from an LSCA Grant and registration fees. Bernard Vavrek from Clarion College in Pennsylvania was our keynote speaker and was the leading expert on rural library service. On Thursday the evening program centered on storytelling and puppetry as part of a Lake Neverwuz program. The conference was such a success that it became a conference held every two years and later became known as the Loleta Fyan Rural conference when financial support came from the Fyan estate. It is great that our state library recognizes the need to have a conference tailored to the needs of a large segment of the library community. As one who has attended each conference I can say that the topics covered are relevant to my needs and the needs of the Lake Neverwuz Village, Township, County, District Public Library.

Lunch and Dinner Discussions

When you go to the conference plan to sit with people you don't know at the dinners and luncheons. This is a great way to find new friends and also find out solutions to problems you may be having in your library. If you sit with the people you know you won't be expanding your horizons. Also you may miss meeting Antonio Banderas!! Use the conference for networking. Not all learning happens in the sessions.

Marian is back

I have missed posting to the Blog for several reasons. One is that I was on a cruise. Many of you are familiar with the Holland/America lines, they have ships named that end in dam, Zuiderdam, for example. I was on a cruise of the Great Lakes on one of their newest ships, The Beaverdam. It was great, we toured ports such as Marquette, Alpena, Tawas City, as well as going through the Soo Locks, which I think rivals the Panama Canal and Caribbean cruises. It was a great tour but ended tragically when we had a bonfire on the aft deck that got out of control. But back to business and the Rural Conference. Soon I will have a list of the programs for the upcoming Rural Conference so that I will be able to give you tips on getting the most out of the conference. At the recent MLA conference in Detroit I was able to attend in several programs on safety in the library, I hope we have some at rural conference. We may not be inner city, but in rural Michigan we have some "wild turkeys" to contend with and we need to have to learn to deal with all types of customers.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rumor has it...

That Marian has been off galivanting around on a cruise ship! Doesn't she know that we are yearning for words of wisdom, wondering just what to do next as we plan for RLC 2007?

Marian! Please come back!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hey Marian!

Read this and let me know what you think!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

VetTech: A new Lake Neverwuz Service

Ever ask yourself "What new service can our library offer?" You'll find programs at the next Rural and Small Library Conference that will give you great ideas to take home and implement at your libraries. At one of the previous conferences one of the speakers said look at the talents of your staff and see if you have a new service or program that you could offer. I went back to Lake Neverwuz and found out that one of our staff was trained as a veternarian technician. We now offer one Saturday a month a Check your Pet at the Library. With our computer scanners we are able to offer Cat Scans and our 3M strips can be implanted in your dog so that we can scan them and find their owners and our CD cleaner doubles as a"Flea Clean". It's done wonders for library business. Go to the rural conference and find out what's new and innovative for your library.

More tips from Marian

Learn about technology: I understand from Deb that there will be several sessions on technology and what programs you can offer your patrons. We’ve done programs on eBay, ordering from QVC, and the Home Shopping Channel as well as buying furniture on line and just recently we purchased a bookmobile online. It only had 1,200,000 miles on it and had complete sets of Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys and a Gold edition set of Reader’s Digest Condensed books.

Dress for Success: I am planning to have a session on dressing for success as a library director from a rural area. Bring your sewing machines, flour sacks and thread. “Marion T. and your sewing machine” is what I want to call the session, but I can’t seem to get that young Deb to agree to it. I think she has something else in mind, Watch for an announcement.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Rural Library Sustainability - In Focus

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there will be a tie-in between the Gates Rural Library Sustainability Project and the 2007 conference.

As part of the project, Gates/WebJunction is offering a free montly series of webinars on topics "of importance to the work of sustaining Rural and Small libraries. The next webinar, Upgrading and Repairing the Technology in Your Library, is scheduled for 9/28/06.

There are great resources available to you at WebJunction -- check it out!

Monday, August 28, 2006

A Tip from Marian: Programs for Board Members

Encourage your board members to attend. There will be special sessions with topics of interest to board members. In the past I have found these to be very helpful that’s how I got my board to drop from 35 members to 5. It seems we didn’t know that when you appoint a new board member an old board member leaves the board, we thought only death could accomplish this.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello all! I'm excited to be the chair for the volunteer committee. My debut at Rurals was in 2005. And frankly I'm still trying to get over the fact that it snowed! Anyway, I found the conference to be fun, educational, fun, inspiring and fun. I'm looking forward to working with my committee to create another great experience. I hope you all plan to be there.

Tips from Marian T. Librarian

to get the most out of your Rural Libraries Conference

Tip #1

Dress Casual. As someone who has attended all the conferences I SAY dress casual. The first few years I wore three inch heels and almost killed myself. “Birkies” are best but any comfortable shoe will do.

Dress in Layers. This is Michigan and at most Rural conferences the weather goes from spring to fall to winter and back to winter. I wear a cute yellow polka dot bikini, then a T-shirt, then a turtleneck and a sweater and parka. I’m prepared for everything you be too.


Friday, August 04, 2006

2007 conference committee chairs

Here are your 2007 conference committee chairs:

Awards - Sherry Mountney
Equipment & Internet - Trixie Wint
Hospitality/Local Arrangements - Holly Mercer
Program - Deb Bacon-Ziegler
Volunteers - Gayle Hazelbaker

There is still time to get involved with conference planning and on-site work. Let me know if you are interested bacon-zieglerd AT michigan DOT gov

For those of you who have already volunteered, you will soon be contacted by your committee chair.

Gates Rural Library Sustainability Program

WebJunction, a project of the Gates Foundation and OCLC, has undertaken a three-year Rural Library Sustainability project. Michigan will receive support and money to provide training to our small & rural libraries. The topic? How to better sustain and manage public access computing. Follow this link for full details.

The reason I mention this program is that the training portion will dovetail with RLC 2007 and the grant funds will allow us to offer special conference programming and benefits. Stay tuned for further details.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Don't Be Afraid

As you consider using Web 2.0 applications in your library, you will encounter those who are nervous/afraid/opposed to social software. Read this ALA TechSource blog post for reassurance & inspiration.

Speaking of Flickr, you will enjoy Rural Library Director's jobs. Check it out and then pat yourself on the back (or go out for a really, really big margarita).

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Web 2.0

Library 2.0 is driven by Web 2.0 and, to be honest, wrapping your head around "2.0" is something of a challenge. At its core, 2.0 is about relationships and a rich user experience. Web 2.0 sites like Flickr, Writely, Wikipedia, Squidoo, MySpace,, and many, many more allow users to collaborate & share online.

What does Web 2.0 mean for libraries? How does "your library 2.0" work? Read on...

What is Web 2.0 by Tim O'Reilly
Web 2.0 from Wikipedia
Addressing the Permanence Issue at
Social Software from Wikipedia
Library 2.0 in three easy steps Squidoo lens by Steve Wilson
Library 2.0 Reading List Squidoo lens by Jenny Levine & Michael Stephens

Personally, I am most excited by the fact that Web 2.0 levels the playing field. A tiny library can create a account and maintain an amazing list of annotated web resources. That list can then be shared with patrons as part of the library's reference collection. Photos of a library building project can be organized and shared via a Flickr account. Bookmark Writely on your public access computers and your patrons have a web-based word processor. Use instant messaging for free, virtual reference service. Create a library blog.

What are YOU doing with Web 2.0?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The News from Lake Neverwuz

Just heard from Roger Mendel who heard from Marian T. Librarian that she is already making her plans for the 2007 conference. As a proud alumna of ALL the conferences, Marian has lots (and lots) to say about getting the most out of your conference experience. She has graciously agreed to share her years of wisdom to guarantee that each and every attendee has a perfectly splendid time at RLC.

Feel free to send your burning conference questions to Marian via a comment to this or any of her upcoming posts.

Monday, July 17, 2006

You guys are great!

I am thrilled to announce that I received 19 program proposals and over 20 people volunteered to help plan the 2007 conference.

Additional information will go out to both the prospective presenters and volunteers this week.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Michael Stephens on Librarianship 2.0

Read Michael Stephens' article, Into the New World of Librarianship, here.

I want to be this librarian, don't you?

Librarian 2.0 also listens to staff and users when planning, tells the stories of successes and failures, learns from both, celebrates those successes, allows staff time to play and learn, and never stops dreaming about the best library services.

One of the greatest things about a small/rural library is that you can wake up, decide to be Librarian 2.0, and put your decision into action that very day. The small guys have a certain amount of flexibility and immediacy that eludes the big guys. So, order a pizza, gather your staff & volunteers, make your plan and GO!


Thursday, June 22, 2006

It Never Hurts to be Reminded....

Love a Librarian by Martha Brockenbrough

The Feel-good Librarian reminds us why we do this.

Become a RLC volunteer - contact Deb to find out more!

Read this Blog!

State librarian Nancy Robertson is blogging her travels around the state. Read all about Nancy in Libraryland here.

Another great resource for keeping up with the Michigan library community is Michlib-L, the statewide library listserv. If you aren't a subscriber, please take a minute to join the list.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Michigan Rocks!

Look what I found in the results of my Google News search for "michigan libraries":

An article in the Boston Globe that mentions our very own Bill Harmer from Chelsea District Library! Seems Bill's idea to host rock concerts at the library is catching on nationwide!

I know that all of our Michigan libraries have great programs and unique ideas to share. What's happening at your library this summer? Don't be shy -- the easiest form of advocacy is word-of-mouth. Let your patrons, your community, and your state library community know what you are doing and why you matter.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The User Is Not Broken

From Karen Schneider:

The user is not "remote." You, the librarian, are remote, and it is your
job to close that gap.

Read the rest of Karen's manifesto, The User Is Not Broken, and share your comments.

Another of my favorites - The Cluetrain Manifesto - is here.

(Thanks to Sue for the reference to Karen's piece)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mid-June Update

Now that the annual Beginning Workshop is over, RLC 2007 planning is full steam ahead. Please consider volunteering, commenting on this blog, or submitting a program proposal.

Interested? Visit or email me at bacon-zieglerd AT michigan DOT gov.

The Americans for Libraries Council just released its report Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public Attitudes About Libraries in the 21st Century. For the full text of the report, click here. The report and supplemental materials are excellent tools for your local advocacy efforts.

Have you seen the Library Success Wiki? Have a look. Or better yet, contribute.

Speaking of small and rural, everyone is cheering the Soca Warriors on against England tomorrow, right? Go T&T!!!!!

Finally, for a bit of fun, check out Karen Schneider's latest creation over at Free Range Librarian.


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Call for Programs!

Conference planning continues with the official announcement of the 2007 Call for Programs. Full details available at the all-new Library of Michigan Library Development & Data Services web page.

Proposals should reflect the conference theme "Libraries 2.0" and the future role of small & rural libraries in our communities and state.

Program proposals are due July 15, 2006.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers -- Get involved in Rural Libraries 2.0!

As the RLC chair, my vision for 2007 is a conference that keeps the best of our traditions while introducing some exciting new opportunities for everyone involved.

What are those traditions and opportunities? I don't know yet -- and that is where you come in! RLC Veteran? Newbie? Somewhere in-between? Please consider becoming a 2007 RLC volunteer.

To express your interest as a volunteer, please submit the following information to

-Name, library, contact information including email address
-Would you like to serve on a committee*, volunteer on-site, or both?
-If you are interested in a committee, which one? Why does that particular committee assignment appeal to you? What is your vision for that committee in 2007?
-Are you interested in serving as a committee chair?
-Any other information you'd like to share?

*see previous post for list of committees

Monday, May 08, 2006

2007 conference committees are...

Awards - Organizes and manages the conference awards program

Equipment & Internet
- Organizes and manages on-site technology including computers, LCD projectors, Internet access & stations

- Organizes and manages on-site conference volunteers (CEU sign-off, registration table, assisting keynote speakers, etc.)

Hospitality/Local Arrangements
- Organizes and manages conference hospitality and promotes/coordinates local attractions/sightseeing for attendees

- Executes call for programs. Peer review of program proposals, booking presenters, scheduling sessions and assigning rooms, handouts, etc.
Watch this space (and Michlib-L) for the call for conference volunteers to be issued May 15.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Welcome! to the 2007 RLC blog

Planning is now underway for the 2007 Loleta Fyan Rural Libraries Conference.

The 2007 theme, Rural Libraries 2.0, reflects both our rich past and the exciting future. Why 2.0? Much more on this concept later, but the brief explanation is that we are all engaged in creating the 21st century version of the public library. What will the 2.0 version of Michigan small and rural libraries look like? That is totally up to us!

I encourage you to bookmark this blog (or subscribe to the RSS feed) and come back often. Have an idea? Want to get involved? Leave a comment or send an email to