Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nomination deadline extended to 2/16/2007

Don't miss out! Nominate a colleague, trustee or Friend for a RLC Award. Visit http://michigan.gov/ldds and scroll down a bit for full details.

The nomination deadline is now Friday, February 16, 2007.


P.S. Has anyone nominated Marian yet? You know she's a bit touchy on the subject, being the Susan Lucci of libraryland...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy Y2K7

Remember Y2K and the disasters that were to occur when the clock struck twelve. Here it is Y2K7 and the only disasters that have occurred is a reduction in state aid, I've got more wrinkles and weigh in at 2K. Christmas in Lake Neverwuz is always a delight. The library celebrates the 12 volumes of Christmas. Each day before December 25 we feature a special book which culminates in the book entitled "The twelve step process to loose fat". Because there are so many other holidays that occur during the same time period we devote a room at the library for each celebration. It works out well except we have a difficult time celebrate "boxing day" for years we have tried to get Mike Tyson or Levander Holifield to make an appearance, but their always too busy. Maybe next year I can get our cooperative director and the director of our largest library in the cooperative to go a few rounds.

This year there was no snow so many of our decorations did not have the same festive look that they have had in the past. Our Friends group was disappointed that we couldn't get the snowmobile delivery of books going this year. No snow, No go.

Story hour at the library was great. Santa brought one of his reindeer who can play jingle bells by shaking his antelars to the music. It was fantastic. I was dressed in my Mrs. Santa outfit. I sewed it myself using the choicest of fabrics and trims. The ermine trim was one I "bagged" last year. For the craft we did gingerbread library buildings. The best one was little Frankie L. Wright's version of the Chicago Public Library. The other craft was very popular, "10 year old fruitcake and what to do with it" The oldest fruit cake brought in for the program was 37 years old and the lady had made it into the cutest bird house.

Well that's all from Lake Neverwuz for now. Remember to register for the conference May 7-9. Registration opened December 22. There is no registration fee but you must make your reservations with the Grand Traverse Resort. Please remember there are no beds allowed in the Casino. Happy New Year.

Marian T. Librarian