Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Register, Register, Register

I checked with Deb yesterday and found that there are about 300 people registered for the Rural Conference. I am happy to see so many have registered, but there is still time for you procrastinators. Send in your registration today, you can't find a better bargain anywhere, no registration costs. Even the local "1/4 dollar General" or TJMaxx can beat that price.

The agenda for the conference is great with some programs for all interests. Best of all it's time to get together with old friends and make new friends.

See you at the Casino, I am planning on doubling my state aid money for next year.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Conference Activities

Rural Libraries Conference:
The deadline to register for the Rural Libraries conference is extended to April 13th. Registration is free. Be sure to complete and return a registration form so we have a chair for you to sit on and delicious meals to eat!

As you prepare to attend the conference, you may want to make sure you have some good walking shoes and your jaw is exercised. The hospitality/local arrangements committee has activities planned that will keep you walking, talking, laughing and smiling. Dress is casual and comfortable.

Passport to prizes:
To encourage networking and sharing, all conference attendants will receive a Passport. Each attendee will start off with one sticker in their passport. Throughout the conference, attendees will have numerous opportunities to earn stickers. The stickers earned will be used as currency to bid on gift baskets that will be auctioned off during the closing luncheon on Wednesday.

Dessert reception:
The conference starts will a “bang” on Monday and includes guest speakers Michael Stephens and Jenny Levine at the opening luncheon. After dinner, with keynote speaker Maureen Burns, there will be a dessert reception at which the State Librarian, Nancy Robertson, will make remarks. Then, an ice cream social, author fair, and musical entertainment will take place. The author fair will have numerous local authors who will sign and sell books.

Gift baskets will be given away at several events during the conference. Baskets will come from two sources: donations from libraries and donations from companies. The donated library baskets should be handed over to the committee during registration. “Special” gift baskets will be auctioned off during the closing luncheon on Wednesday.

Libraries are encouraged to donate baskets for the conference. Baskets typically follow themes. In the past, there have been scrapbooking baskets, massage item baskets, and baskets filled with local items from the town supplying the basket. If you have questions regarding the baskets, contact Holly Mercer.

Meal Mixer:
To encourage networking and sharing, the hospitality/local arrangements committee will be sponsoring a seating arrangement mixer during lunch on Tuesday. Prior to lunch, tables will be marked with a color. As conference attendees enter the banquet room, they will be handed a slip of colored paper that corresponds to a color at a table. You are encouraged to eat at the table that matches your color. Those that do will earn passport stickers.

Shop and Swap:
You are encouraged to bring material from your library to share with others. There will be 6 categories:
Promotion of Programs (Flyers, etc.)
Children’s craft idea
Library newsletter or brochure
Annual report
Building project survival tips

The “Shop and Swap” items should be given to hospitality/local arrangement committee members during registration (Committee members will be sporting a Home Depot aprons during the conference). The “Shop and Swap” items will be set up on Tuesday during the morning break. All items will be made available for attendees to look at and take.

The committee will select the top ten items from each category. Conference attendees will then vote for a winner in each category on Tuesday night at 7:00. Category winners will receive a certificate.

Book discussion:
There will be a book discussion on Tuesday at 8:00. Librarians wishing to attend the book discussion are encouraged to read one of Joe Dereske’s Miss Zukas mystery books before attending the book discussion. In April, a list of discussion questions will be available to assist in the smooth flow of dialogue during the discussion. Jo herself plans to drop in for the discussion and promises that she “takes criticism well!”

Register today as you don’t want to miss this free and exciting conference!

Registration form:,1607,7-160-17451_18668-142226--,00.html

Thursday, March 08, 2007

LibrarianSpace - Library 2.0 on Ning

This is very cool - a social networking site for those of us who are into library 2.0! You can create a profile, join discussions, and "friend" others (like MySpace if you are on that).

Marian - I expect you to friend me, OK? I'm 02092DEB on Library 2.o.


P.S. my personal call number is 020.92 DEB and yes, I know that isn't a proper application of the Cutter-Sanborn Author Table!!

Great TV Ad

We at Lake Neverwuz Library are always looking for ways to advertise the library. Check out this site and see a neat TV ad for a library.

Remember to register for the Rural Libraries Conference coming this May 7,8 and 9. See you at the Grand Traverse Resort.

Marian T.

Friday, March 02, 2007

policy & practice - wifi service

From John Blyberg's blog:

Headline: Alaskan Library lets down Patron

When I moved to Lansing last summer, I (gasp) cruised for wifi before Comcast could connect me at home. I now have a wireless network at home and assume that my service gets borrowed on occasion.

For those of you offering wireless service to your customers: what do you think? does your Internet policy address after hours access?

Busy Day in Libraryland

Energizing and exhausting at the same time! This video was created for library staff in service day at the St. Joseph County Public Library in South Bend, Indiana.

Watch closely and you'll see one of our keynote speakers, Michael Stephens.