Monday, May 15, 2006

Call for Volunteers

Call for Volunteers -- Get involved in Rural Libraries 2.0!

As the RLC chair, my vision for 2007 is a conference that keeps the best of our traditions while introducing some exciting new opportunities for everyone involved.

What are those traditions and opportunities? I don't know yet -- and that is where you come in! RLC Veteran? Newbie? Somewhere in-between? Please consider becoming a 2007 RLC volunteer.

To express your interest as a volunteer, please submit the following information to

-Name, library, contact information including email address
-Would you like to serve on a committee*, volunteer on-site, or both?
-If you are interested in a committee, which one? Why does that particular committee assignment appeal to you? What is your vision for that committee in 2007?
-Are you interested in serving as a committee chair?
-Any other information you'd like to share?

*see previous post for list of committees

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