Tuesday, September 05, 2006

VetTech: A new Lake Neverwuz Service

Ever ask yourself "What new service can our library offer?" You'll find programs at the next Rural and Small Library Conference that will give you great ideas to take home and implement at your libraries. At one of the previous conferences one of the speakers said look at the talents of your staff and see if you have a new service or program that you could offer. I went back to Lake Neverwuz and found out that one of our staff was trained as a veternarian technician. We now offer one Saturday a month a Check your Pet at the Library. With our computer scanners we are able to offer Cat Scans and our 3M strips can be implanted in your dog so that we can scan them and find their owners and our CD cleaner doubles as a"Flea Clean". It's done wonders for library business. Go to the rural conference and find out what's new and innovative for your library.


Gayle Hazelbaker said...

Marian--I really think you have it going on! I'm seriously thinking of using the great ideas mentioned. Thanks for sharing!

Vet Tech Ohio said...

Great post and great advice, thanks for sharing!