Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm Getting Ready are you??

Well it's less then two weeks before we get to experience another Rural Libraries Conference. I am so excited. I have been packing for several weeks. I like to have the right outfit for every occasion as well as the right shoes. I do tend to pack light though this time. This year I have cut it down to nine suitcases. I won't be able to drive the bookmobile to the conference this year so I had to drastically cut down on outfits.

I am trying keep up my spirits this year what with the 50% cut in state aid looming and the drastic things it will do to my cooperative's services. Lake Neverwuz library has been draped in black for the last few months to get the message across to our patrons that services will be cut if this reduction in state aid goes through. We also have black bookmarks, which I am finding that the public has a difficult time reading our message, maybe next time I will just border them in black. We also produced some READ posters featuring the local coroner, the funeral director and 6 pall bearers standing around the library saying read here before its dead here. I doesn't rhyme very well but people have understood the message. Oh well I am still hopeful for a "miracle".

In the mean time I do have a suit case full of comfort foods and spirits. Stop by my room for macaronic and cheese, meatloaf, mashed potatoes and chip dip. One has to keep up a good front. See you all at the conference, watch for me I bought a pair of "High Heeled Sneakers" and am ready rumba.

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