Monday, June 26, 2006

Michael Stephens on Librarianship 2.0

Read Michael Stephens' article, Into the New World of Librarianship, here.

I want to be this librarian, don't you?

Librarian 2.0 also listens to staff and users when planning, tells the stories of successes and failures, learns from both, celebrates those successes, allows staff time to play and learn, and never stops dreaming about the best library services.

One of the greatest things about a small/rural library is that you can wake up, decide to be Librarian 2.0, and put your decision into action that very day. The small guys have a certain amount of flexibility and immediacy that eludes the big guys. So, order a pizza, gather your staff & volunteers, make your plan and GO!


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Michael Stephens said...

Good point about the smaller libraries. You can be the testbeds and innovation grounds for 2.0 tools - and not break the bank. We are really looking forward to the keynote.