Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Project Runway or what to wear to the Rural Conference

I've been asked what to wear to the conference. Since I've attended each one I have a good idea of what to pack. The conference is two and half days, so I multiply by 5 when I pack. You can't bring along too much. Pack for every season, since this is northern Michigan. You'll need parkas, swimsuits (both winter and summer weight), something long, something short and of course plaid flannel for the casual evenings around the bonfire. Some conferences in the past have had at least three seasons during the time period so be prepared.

I usually plan a change of clothes for each session, but since my husband carries the luggage and is getting old I have decided this time to only change clothes in the a.m., p.m., and evening.

Seriously, though, dress comfortable, with good walking shoes and layer. Sometimes the rooms get too warm and if you layer you can make yourself comfortable and not include on your evaluation form that the room was too cold or too hot. Happy packing.


Bookmarks said...

I remember the Rural Conference at Grand Traverse Resort that took place at the same time as a hair stylist convention. There was quite a contrast between the spandex clad, bleached blondes and the librarians!

Sheryl Mase said...

I sure hope there is a good campfire program this year. I have a new outfit that would go perfectly and its FIRE RETARDANT!!!

Also, I would like to hear more about the beach party opportunities at the conference. Marian, when do you don your polka dot bikini???