Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Fun? Anyone?

Never fear, we will have fun at RLC! The web page has been updated with information on keynote speakers and hints at the activities the hospitality committee is planning for us in the evenings.

The Gates curriculum will not be a boring, Ferris Beuller "anyone? something d-o-o economics?" type lecture. I promise. You will be networking, brainstorming, and rarin' to go by the end of the conference.

I've also heard that the coop directors will be hosting a party room I mean "hospitality suite" at GTR. That crazy band of 13! Marian - are you in on this? I've never asked about Lake Neverwuz's coop affiliation...

Keep warm, everyone!


Marian T. Librarian said...

As for the "hospitality suite" I expect that Lake Neverwuz Library will have a key role in making this the "Event" of the conference. Several of my staff have begun knitting flamingos as part of the decor, Ann Holt you know is especially partial to those pink birds. There will probably be dancing since Jim Tango Seidl will be there and of course I know that Bryon Sitler will be doing White Pine crafts. I think he makes tiny, tiny library buildings from pine needles. We must get back to our plans for the party, I mean gathering of library managers and other professional types. MTL

Anonymous said...


Expect to see Woodlands' square dancers and cloggers doing their precision book cart routine at the RLC.