Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fishing for comments

Hi All,

Marian emailed me yesterday. She is totally bummed that nobody is commenting on her posts. Given her recent self-indulgent rant thoughtful commentary on conference awards, I urge you to give it right back to let Marian know that you are reading her posts by offering a comment.

It is really very easy. Just click on the orange comment link at the end of the post, add your comment, enter the verification text so we know you aren't an evil robot, and click "login and publish" - that's it!

Heck, you might even invite her to a movie this Saturday night!


1 comment:

Sheryl Mase said...

Yep, I decided to leave her a comment. Now we shall see if she will actually comment back. It is a two way street after all ;-)

By the way - did you forget how to use corrector tape?