Monday, November 20, 2006

Rural library branches

I am anxious to attend the Rural Libraries Conference this spring. With the Gates grant it will be even more affordable than in the past and so I am looking at how many staff and board members will be able to also attend this year. We have a new project at Lake Neverwuz Public Library that involves expansion. One of our businesses, Carolyn's Cozy Cabins is going out of business after 57 years and is planning to donate to the library 12 one bedroom cabins. Our board has been discussing this for a long time. Each cabin is 9ft by 9ft and we thought we could have 11 branches of the Lake Neverwuz library. Since they have to be moved to allow for the new Dollar Store, we thought we could have them place every 100 feet and put the 000's in one cabin, the 100's in another cabin and so forth. The 12th cabin could be used by the Friends. The cabins all look alike and were newly painted last year a lovely shade of mauve and orange with yellow doors as accents. I'm curious if you think this project will work. Is this something I should bring to conference and get reactions there from some of the experts. Is 13 locations too many for a service area that is a half mile square and serves a population of 723?


LibraryLil said...

Dear Marian,
It's a wonderful idea.
The only problem is your going to have to come up with something to sort out the books so they get to the right building. I know how about a long conveyor belt, the books come in at the main library and the staff can sort them and put the books on the belt and they go to each building. Or a delivery system. Like MelCat has. A delivery man dressed in blaze orange hunting clothes, so he doesn't get shot at during hunting season. You could buy him a snowmobile for the winter and a ATV in the summer. And make sure it has a winch so in case he gets stuck he can wrap around one the the trees and pull himself out.
I really think you should use one of the buildings for a coffee shop. The "Nevermore Cafe." Then the men of your community have a place to go after hunting and fishing. Just think of all the funds this could generate!! Why you won't have to worry about having a millage campaign anymore!
Well I have to go for now. I hope everyone at Lake Neverwuz has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Oh, by the way did you shoot the turkey yet? Take care, Desta

Anonymous said...

ATV? That's kind high falutin' - we just use a lawn tractor over here!

Deb said...

Yes, Marian, do tell us about Thanksgiving in Lake Neverwuz!

Anonymous said...

ATV? Lawn tractor? Heck, we just trained our mosquitoes... stick a harness over that proboscus and yer all set. For those small kiddie books, we tend to use black flies when available.