Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pat Yourselves On The Back

Soon the Rural Libraries Committee will be seeking nominations for awards to be given at the Conference. This is a good time to honor those rural library people who do such a great job providing service to their communities with many times very little in the way of resources. Nominate someone from your library or maybe from another library in your cooperative. I,for example, have had some fantastic programs and services at Lake Neverwuz and no one has nominated me for an award. I thought my Pontoon bookmobile service, or the All Terrain vehicle homebound delivery service, or my Winnebago children's room addition to the library would have rated an award, but no, but I'm not BITTER. It doesn't matter to me if I'm overlooked, year after year after year ever since 1986. All that matters is that my patrons are receiving good service. No matter that I work overtime and get no additional pay and don't get as much as a daisy as an expression of thanks. It's not a problem, give the awards to others certainly more deserving, it doesn't bother me, who scrubs the library floor each Saturday evening rather than going to the movies, alone. Take care, remember, nominate someone this time, it may be the one thing in their lives that will give them hope to go on.


Deb said...

Marian! I didn't know that pity parties were among the many wonderful programs at Lake Neverwuz Public Library.

Marian T. Librarian said...

Deb: Sometimes my emotions get the best of me. There are many deserving library staff and trustees that should be recognized.


Deb said...

You are right about that! I hope we have a record number of nominations this year.