Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Grand Traverse Resort room rates

Reservation information will be available soon. For now, get these numbers in your 2007 travel budget:

Tower guestroom $129.00/night
Hotel guestroom $99.00/night

EXCITING NEWS - Attendees are responsible for travel & accommodations ONLY for 2007. Grant funding from the Gates Foundation allows us to cover the conference registration fee by subsidizing attendee meals and some facility expenses.



Anonymous said...

This is wonderful!!! This means we can bring more staff=).

Anonymous said...

This means we can spend more on the wine! Marian IS taking us on a winery tour, right?

Deb said...

Excellent idea! Marian?

Tim said...

I can't wait until May. This sounds fantastic. I believe that this conference is so worthwhile to send your staff to and now it is even better. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

Who do we write to thank?