Monday, December 11, 2006

Quick! Respond with your story by this Friday, 12/15

Share your public access stories

The MaintainIT project, a three-year effort run by TechSoup, a technology resource for nonprofit organizations, wants to hear stories about how libraries maintain public access computers and internet services for their communities. By collecting best practices on the topic, the Share Your Story about PACs campaign will distill the information into a series of free how-to guides tailored to the technical support needs of different types of public libraries. MaintainIT would like to hear from small, rural libraries by December 15....

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Anonymous said...

Hi there- Just a quick note that the MaintainIT Project will continue to collect stories from other libraries, such as rural libraries serving bigger communities, suburban libraries and urban libraries over the next year. Please feel free to submit your story on our website or contact us at at 800-659-3579x390 or 415-633-9390.