Thursday, December 21, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to go to Lake Neverwuz

Top 10 reasons to support libraries: When I saw this post on the blog I decided to compare the reasons to our beloved Lake Neverwuz District, County, Township, Village Library. Here goes:
Serve everyone: Our new international library card is very popular. For 100 lyre, 10,000 francs, or160 yen you can purchase a library card from Lake Neverwuz. So far we only sold 3 cards but Canada is only 175 miles away and is certainly an untapped market.
Are places of opportunity. We've had fourteen couples meet here at the library and get married. Last year our story hour attendance took a major jump.
Are great places for kids. This is farm country so don't call our youngsters kids, for obvious reasons. Our library offers youngsters a vast array of services, YouTube, DVD's, CD's, Learn a Test,, Tattoo World, Pimp your Ride, and comic books, day care, snowmobiles in the winter and special lake excursions in the summer.
Bring you the world. Our Commodores and Apple II e's in the computer lab give our users access to info as far away as Wisconsin.
Help us lead better lives. Our community has grown and people have told us that they moved here because of the library and the great services we offer. Our quickie divorce and remarry program has brought many a midwesterner here instead of Reno and Las Vegas. Our board chair dresses as Garrison Keilor and performs as many marriages as Elvis does in Nevada.
Build better communities. Our build a house program uses the skills of our Friends group to build houses for the needy and near needy of our community. We think this is a model program and are thinking of going national, maybe through ALA.
Promote literacy. Here's where we excell. We an't never turnd away nobody. Our goal is to educate everone so dat they can read good.
Are essential to education. When the schools close for the summer we have all the teachers come and work at the summer reading program. Its part of their contract.
Attract businesses. We've helped Neverwuz Ink (tatto parlor) get started. We helped the DDA get sidewalks into the downtown area so we no longer have to walk on pallets to get to stores downtown. This has helped business, and the old pallets will be used for a craft during the summer reading program.
Are a great value. For every dollar spent to support the library we have calculated that it adds $17.32 back into the economy of the community. How we did this calculation is a mystery, but I'm sure its accurate.

Spread the word! Tell us your stories at the upcoming Rural Libraries Conference in May of 2007. Happy Holidays.



Deb said...

Marian! I think you should consider getting Lake Neverwuz designated as a Cool City! Your programs are certainly a model for any library seeking to promote cultural economic development.

Marian T. Librarian said...

Thank you Deb we try very hard to be the best that we can be here at Lake Neverwuz. Maybe we should seek the Cool status.

worldwide book drive said...
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