Monday, December 11, 2006

We Need more Librarians!!

I am hoping that the rural conference scheduled for next spring will have sessions on PR and also on the topic of the impending shortage of librarians. The staff at Lake Neverwuz District, Village, Township, County Public Library have developed a recruiting film which I believe every library should use to entice people to become librarians. Check out this site and see what can be done with an 8 mm camera and a little acting talent.

See you all at the Rural Librarians Conference, where the librarians are smart, the book talks center on the books of the 50's and noise is okay, as long as we don't use our "outside voices"

Happy Holidays.


Deb said...

Nice work, Marian! I bet staff meetings at Lake Neverwuz never, ever look like this

Ann said...

I am inspired. The movie reminded me why I became a librarian (NOT). I had forgotten all about shirtwaist dresses. They were so appropriate for working the circulation desk.

Marian T. Librarian said...

Yes Ann, I still have my shirtwaist dresses and wear them proudly. Some are getting a bit frayed but I usually add a little lace or rickrack and they look like new.


Deb said...

Ah, rickrack. There just isn't enough in today's fashions.

Christie said...

Ah...that was the film that inspired me to work in libraries. :)

Anonymous said...

There is no shortage of librarians. It's a myth. Librarians can apply for a dozen library jobs each week and still remain unemployed after years of searching for a single library job.


For more information, read the article "The Entry Level Gap" by Holt and Strock in Library Journal.